Aggiornare Debian Jessie (Rpi) a Xfce

Rif :

Hello everyone!

I have just installed XFCE onto my Raspberry Pi AND WHAT A DIFFERENCE IT MAKES

If anyone is interested in trying this then this is how to do it! (Simply put…if you get stuck message me!)

The following instruction are for DEBIAN only!
You can do the following in GUI mode or from Terminal..(Or even SSH I believe)

Step 1:
Open up terminal and type ‘sudo apt-get update’
Step 2:
Type ‘sudo apt-get install xfce4’ and if prompted type y and let it do its thing
Step 3:
Type sudo apt-get install slim and if prompted type y and let it install.
A blue screen will appear (although not of death!) and select SLIM from the list (Should be a choice of GDM or slim)
Step 4:
Type ‘sudo shutdown -r now’ and wait….
When the Pi has restarted you should be prompted with a blue fancy login screen, press f1 until the session text at the bottom says startxfce4 or similar, then login as your usual login (pi and raspberry)

First boot of XFCE is the slowest but just do another reboot after the first boot and it should get quicker!

Enjoy everyone!
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